Karl, champion of the district of jump of springboard 


“Vice champion of drifting and champion of springboard jump 10 cm of top in the district of my grand parents, category “bicross”. This could be the start of my bicycle story, many times ago.

A little bicycle shop open in my village and dabble some MTB in his garage. I went out with a center still equipped in Shimano 200 gs.. I started my first riding around my place in track around 40km. At the finish, in one of this, we offer me a old specialized magasine. And then I started to dream about everything that exists in that time. Few years after, we shared a tandem Cannondale. My MTB world expands with single speed, or marathon and some attempt in enduro.

Came also the want to discover the montagne, the real game place for our bikes and for the famous challenge like the Roc d’Azur. I dreamed as well to visit the chalet in Carrières-sur-Seine, and be a part of the crew in the election of the MTB of the year.

And then came the begin of the first Vélo Vert Camp, a remake of the election, open to 60 lucky guys ! A lot of happiness, we are the kings of the world ! I met peoples there who asked me to become moderator in the forum … A first step, not always easy, in this family but already proud to wear the colors of Vélo Vert !



Since this time, I never miss one edition of  the Vélo Vert Festival or Vélo Vert Camp and I integrated the Vélo Vert family. The small gathering is become big but never lost is conviviality. The 350 volunteers who join the crew shall make every effort so that this event be a big partys for every single person, include all of the volunteers.

Today, I’m proud to contribute to the success of the event et I hope because of my new role of ambassador of the Vélo Vert Festival, I will make your way to join us the first week end of June in Villard-de-Lans, to share a lot of emotions around MTB on loops, salon, village or partys !”