Who is better than Levy to introduce himself ? 


“I’m Levy Batista, 27 years old, doctor in automatic (8 years after high school in mathematical applied)  and former motocross pilot, national French champion MX1 in 2014. Since end of 2015, I started to practice Enduro Mountain biking. Totally novice at the beginning, it was difficult for me to see a difference between a DH bike and an Enduro bike. Fortunately, I was passionate and learned quick.

16th at the Enduro French cup in 2017, I’m also active on videos, I like this things. I discover a lot of things, and I discovered last year the Vélo Vert Festival on Internet. It’s a beautiful event with nice participant, in particular on the Enduro competition.



Villard-de-Lans is a nice destination and having the opportunity to be an ambassador of an event like this is a real satisfaction. “

Young, dynamic, funny, and talented, Levy will be the representative of the festival goers on the Enduro Series, Enduro World Series, the Cannondale Enduro Tour and also on the Vélo Vert Festival !