X-Country Test Track

Enjoy the 4 specially X-Country loops designed, in diverse paths that gather wide 4×4 tracks, singletracks and technical passages in Samoëns landscapes.


Test Track X-Country #S : 3,2 km – D+ : 105 m

Test Track X-Country #M : 3,5 km – D+ : 120 m

Test Track X-Country #L : 4,2 km – D+ : 145 m

Test Tracl X-Country #XL: 4,5 km – D+ : 150 m


Required equipment: CE certified Helmet & gloves.


Please do not share the GPS details trails of the Vélo Vert Festival at Samoëns.

We have gained special authorisation of private landowners, and special agreement for the event, so access to these trails is not allowed outside of the event.  

In the aim of ensuring we can continue to guarantee you access to exceptional trails, we are counting on you!