Become a volunteer

Become one of the organization member of Vélo Vert Festival by joining the Super volunteer family ! We can guarantee you that is one of the best human being unforgettable adventure !

Beyond the sporty aspect Vélo Vert Festival is without a doubt where you can find conviviality, sharing, mutual aid and a fun spirit. Vélo Vert Festival  would not be what it has become without all the volunteers who, for the last 13 years, participate fully to the success of this big MTB celebration. If your heart is in it, we suggest to come and share big time with us.

If you want further informations about how to become a volunteer please send us an email at
The volunteer Team will answer you in English, otherwise you can check our FAQ in French. 

Also why wouldn’t make our trips easier to respect our environment ?🌱 That is why we are proposing our car sharing system 🚗

Simply, just tick all the boxes in our folder drive and you will find out if someone is sharing the same itinerary than you to Samoëns for the Vélo Vert Festival 2023

Become a volunteer supervisor


The volunteer supervisor will manage a group of 5-10 volunteers.

These missions are important as they guarantee the smooth running of the Festival as well as the security of volunteers and participants.

Missions of the supervisor before the festival 📞

  • Contact his/her group of volunteers 3 weeks before the event to ensure their availability and create a first link with them. 
  • Attend the opening festival briefing to :
    • Meet the volunteers,
    • Get to know the on site rescue, first aid and help locations,
    • Agree the organisation plan and meeting points with your volunteers,
    • Pick up your « Organisation » t-shirts and badges.

Missions of the supervisor during the festival 😊

  • Train the volunteers.
  • Check that they have the necessary material.
  • Check their availability, in advance for the next day as well as during the day (in case of absence or non response, contact the volunteer coordination team).
  • Anticipate and organise their tasks in function of activity peaks.
  • Retrieve the necessary material for your activities and check they are in good condition before distributing to volunteers.
  • Stay in contact with your volunteers in order to check their presence at their post, to manage any incidents and to check they leave their post at the end of their assigned hours.
  • Return the material at the end of the day.
  • Bring any incident to the attention of the volunteer coordination team.

The commitments of the organiser towards the Volunteer Supervisor 💪🏻

  • Presentation of the role description.
  • Training for the position.
  • Providing all material needed in good functioning condition.
  • Reminder of security instructions, both general and specific to the job.  
  • Taking into account any incidents that are brought to their attention.

The missions

The missions of volunteers are diverse and varied:

Signaller: this is the post that needs the most volunteers. You are in contact with the participants: you give them directions and watch over their safety. The participants are thankful for your presence and hear and take in your encouragements. Outdoors, the weather can make this role difficult.

Feed stations: this role consists of putting in place and looking after the feed stations. They are planned for each organised race and ride. There is both physical handling of goods and contact with the participants.

Signage / taking down signage: Before all events you will prepare the route as best as possible. It’s your signage that will mean festival goers can take part in events without getting lost on the trails. Once the races & rides are finished, it is time to take away all signage and all trace of our presence. Outdoors, the weather can make this role difficult. A good physical condition and understanding of the land is needed.

Opening / Closing race: On your bike or motorbike you will open and close the timed races and the rides. Outdoors, the weather can make this role difficult. A good physical condition and understanding of the land is needed.

– Parking: On the different parking zones, you will be in charge of the good circulation of the cars. Good mood, smile, reactivity and bases in French are required for this mission.

Test loop Brigade: During the event you’ll be on your bike to ensure the signage is correct and ensure the safety of test loops. Outdoors, the weather can make this role difficult. A good physical condition and understanding of the land is needed. 

– Race assistance: With a car of the organization and a bike rack, you will assist the participants in need (mechanical breakdown, physical failure…) during the different trials and you will support them with a shuttle service to bring them back to the arrival. You will speak in French with the Security.

Welcome: at the show or the village, you will be the first contact festival goers have and will need to help direct them and respond to questions. Speaking french is a must.

Registrations: you have a privileged contact with festival goers on one of the different stages of the registration process. Understanding IT tools (I-Pad, computer) is recommended. A good humoured nature and a smile is a must, speaking French also.

Logistics and APOS (PLV): this team looks after the construction and pulling down of structures before and after the event, whether this is at the show area or the races. This post is physical and needs a good understanding of manual professions.

– Safety & Security: health professionals, are you able to lend a hand? You are more than welcome throughout the weekend. Whether you prefer being outdoors or close to the village events, the participants need you.

– Fair: before the event, you will be in charge of the implantation, the tracing, and the signal of the fair. During the event, you will be the privileged contact of the exhibitors. Smile and French are needed.

– Timing : Set up timing equipment, time races and ensure proper operation.

Make your choice and we try to respect this as best as possible according to the event needs. Whatever your gender, whether you ride or not, whether you are available 1, 2, 3 or 6 days… we welcome all volunteers over 16 years of age in the big friendly Vélo Vert Festival team to accompany us on the 2023 edition, the 2nd to the 4th of June 2023.

The Packs


To thank you for your help at our side, the Vélo Vert Festival at Samoëns organisation gives you a volunteer Pack corresponding to the time invested:

> Volunteer Pack 1: between 1 & 2 volunteer time slots*

  • Organisation T-shirt
  • €30 worth of Vélo Vert Festival registration given

> Volunteer Pack 2: between 3 & 4 volunteer time slots

  • Organisation T-shirt
  • €40 worth of Vélo Vert Festival registration given

> Volunteer Pack 3: from 5 volunteer time slots

  • Organisation T-shirt
  • €40 worth of Vélo Vert Festival registration given
  • 6 month subscription to Vélo Vert Magazine

Many other surprises are planned for you… Let’s discover them on Facebook !

Depending on your time slots, meals will be given to you as well as accommodation for volunteers coming from elsewhere.

* There are 1 to 4 time slots on each day of the event, you’ll soon be able to see all the available times on the registration platform.