Experience Contessa - Groupe Femme  - Vélo vert Festival à Samoëns

CONTESSA Experience


Ladies, let’s meet on the Vélo Vert Festival for a 100% Contessa Experience !

A complete experience at the SCOTT stand such as bike testing, coaching, souvenir photos and snacks.

Come and test E-bike range supervised by SCOTT ambassadors for a  friendly moment.

Groupe Femmes - Vélo vert Festival 2022 à Samoëns




    Visit the Scott stand

    Open for all - Every level



Departure : 9:00 am

Contessa workshops

If you are a woman and want to be advised on MTB different settings, you are at the right place !

Then join the SCOTT Contessa - Vélo Vert Festival mechanical workshops led by Scott ambassadors.

They will give you tips and advices to help you to maintain your bike and be properly well prepared !




   Registration at the Scott stand.

   Free – Limited registration

   Duration : 1h

Departure : 1:30 pm

Salon de test - Vélo Vert Festival à Samoëns - Scott Experience contessa
T-shirt Scott Signature CONTESSA

The CONTESSA T-shirt

This year Scott

take the opportunity to offer a female shirt with Contessa Signature collection.

by renews the Vélo Vert Festival collaboration.

To be withdrawn at the SCOTT stand

Let's join us and having a funny private feminine moment  !

Have a sneak peek Contessa Signature Collection