E-bike Test Trail

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E-bike Test Trail Vélo Vert Festival in Samoëns, is also your chance to test eBikes on three special test tracks, adapted for all levels and types of riding. Something that you can’t miss for all electrified festival hooked! Test Track E-bike DÉCOUVERTE : 7,5 km – D+ : 200 mThe choice for novices and people making their first […]


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Vélo Vert Festival in Samoëns offers festival goers an original concept, that allow to fallow a track of their choice and using the instructions from a GPS which is provided by our partner Tecno Globe. Let yourself be guided and choose your own journey from X-Country and All-Mountain trails (AM trails use the lift) that […]

Enduro Test Track

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Enduro Test Track To access to the green and blue track, you have 2 different itineraries with descending elevation alternating with banked turn, scree, meadow and singletracks. Test track Enduro #1 : 4,5 km – D- : 550 m Test track Enduro #2 : 3,5 km – D- : 550 m Required equipment : CE certified helmet, gloves and […]

DH Test Track

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DH Test Track The alternate fast paths and technical humpy with some jumps and banked turns, roots or even some wood modules…` Two different kind of trails with alternative options to ride depending on your skills. Test Track DH #1 : 4 km – D- : 550 m Test Track DH #2 : 3,5 km […]

X-Country Test Track

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X-Country Test Track Enjoy the 4 specially X-Country loops designed, in diverse paths that gather wide 4×4 tracks, singletracks and technical passages in Samoëns landscapes.   Test Track X-Country #S : 3,2 km – D+ : 105 m Test Track X-Country #M : 3,5 km – D+ : 120 m Test Track X-Country #L : 4,2 km – D+ : 145 m Test Tracl X-Country #XL: 4,5 km – D+ : 150 m   […]

Gravel Test Track

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Gravel Test Track Gravel Bike, bridging Road bike and MTB. Try it out ! The idea is to seek out adventure wherever it’s hiding, without limits. For those of you who are curious about this new type of riding we are inviting you to try this bike on a 10 km loop and 220 m […]

Kids Test Track

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Kids Test Track Specially developed for children’s bikes, this 500m loop offers to the youngest riders a fun MTB track with very little elevation. Required equipment: CE certified Helmet & gloves. Please do not share the GPS details trails of the Vélo Vert Festival at Samoëns.We have gained special authorisation of private landowners, and special […]