100% E-Bike
Experience Lapierre has been created for the E-mountain bike hooked. This trail in four-leaf clover shape (what a luck!) is located at the event departure.
There is three  laps one of 18,5 km, one of 17,5 km and one of 23 km. Be assure they have been scrutinise traced on the most beautiful trail of Samoëns and Morillon in order to make sure all
” e-festival-goer “will live a magical time of Mountain bike.
According to your shape, your technical level or even your bike battery life, the Electric Experience LAPIERRE gives you the opportunity to recharge or change your battery in between loops.
This concept pledge an intense “experience” above 6 time-control segments with: way down, or way up ( 2 by laps) and  hot-scent. 
Sport Informations :
Departure : Sunday 5 June 2022 – 9 am 
Departure spot/ Arrival : Fair / Cablecar GME – Samoëns
Distance & Drops : trail in four-leaf clover shape, 3 optional loops.
> loop#1 : 18,5 km – 715m D+
> loop #2 : 17,5 km – 800m D+
> loop #3 : 23 km – 780m D+ & 1600m D- with cable-care !
Estimate time for those who “pushing hard the pedals” : 4:15
Estimate time for those who take time to enjoy the landscapes : 6 hours
Contest : E-bike trial mountain clover shape with 3 loops and 6 different segments and
timed with way down and way up.
Optimal bike : all hanged from 130 to 160 mm
limited spot : 200
refuelling spot : 3
Mandatory Protections : CE helmet and gloves.
Spectator plan : upcoming
Settlement: upcoming
Enrolment :
1. Medical certificate of non-contraindication to competition cycling or  de non contre-indication  Or licence (FFC/FSGT/Ufolep) mandatory.
2.Mandatory parental consent for minors.
Welcome pack must be picked-up on :
Thursday 2 June from 2 pm till 7pm. Friday 3 June from 7 am till 7pm, Saturday 4 June from
7 am till 7pm and/or Sunday 5 June from 7:30 am till 8:30 am
The registrations spot is located at Le Bois aux Dames à Samoëns.