One thank you to 290 volunteers of the edition 2015!

The Velo Vert Festival would not be what it became without all the volunteers who, for 6 years already, participate completely in the success of this big party of the mountain bike. If you feel like it, we suggest you coming to live moments of sharing, exchange, meetings and group work within the team of organization of the Vélo Vert Festival.

The voluntary registrations are open !

The missions of the volunteers are diverse and varied:

– Registrations / Welcome: the occupying volunteers this post have in responsibility the welcome of the participants and the public on 2 sites (Village / Fair), as well as the registrations in the various tests. You have a contact favored with the bikers.

– Signaler: this post requires the biggest need in volunteers’ term. You evolve in the contact of the participants: you indicate them the way to go and watch their safety. The participants are grateful for feeling your presence and for hearing your encouragements.

– Provisioning: this post consists in setting up and in livening up the provisionings. They are planned on each of the events.

– Logistics: this team takes care of the assembly, the dismantling of structures before and after the event whether it is on the fair or the events.

– Animations: this post consists in welcoming families and children on the animations of the Village and to make sure of the smooth running of these.

– The Restoration: thanks to your share, all the exhibitors and the volunteers appreciates baskets meals and dinners which you prepare them.

– Tagging: it is before the events that you take care with preparing at best courses. It is by your tagging that the sportsmen can evolve without getting lost on paths.

– Motorcyclist: it is in the handlebars of your motorcycle which you open or that you close the races Enduro, Mythic, All-Mountain and Hikes.

– Test brigade Boucle: it is the handlebars of your bike that you make sure during the event of the good quality of the tagging of courses tests and of their reassurance.

– Safety: healthcare professionals, you wish to give a hand to us? You will be welcome throughout the weekend. That you prefer to be in the middle of nowhere or near the villages of animations, the participants need you.

Make your choice and we shall try to respect at best the latter according to the needs for the event. No matter your age, your sex, that you are a follower of bike or not, whom you are available 1 or 3 days we welcome you in the big and beautiful team of the Velo Vert Festival to accompany us on this edition 2016, from 03 till 05 June.

To thank you for your involvement with him, organizing the Velo Vert Festival in Villard de Lans offers a volunteer at the height of your investment Pack

> Volunteer Pack 1: 3 to 4 schedules volunteer *

– T-shirt Organization

– 29,99€ of Velo Vert Festival registrations offered

– 1 entry Recreation Area (Aquatic Center & Arena)

> Volunteer Pack 2: 3 to 4 schedules volunteer

– T-shirt Organization

– 39,99€ of Velo Vert Festival registrations offered

– Pass one day MTB Bike Park Villard de Lans + Recreation Area (Aquatic Center & Arena)

> Volunteer Pack 3: more than 5 hours of volunteer beaches

– T-shirt Organization

– 39,99€ of Velo Vert Festival registrations offered

– Pass two days MTB Bike Park Villard de Lans + Recreation Area (Aquatic Center & Arena)

– 6 month subscription to Bike magazine Green

* There are three time slots on day of event: 7:30-00:00 am – 00:00 am – 6:00 pm – 6:00-11:30 pm

For further information, thank you to contact Julien – Director Velo Vert Festival –

We count on you!