Aurélie, mom, rider and  “crazy” 


“Neither Cross, or Enduro and also no marathon, if you want to categorize me, I will enter in the category “crazy rider” !!!

The most things I love in bicycle is the sensation to be free that you feel when you ride kilometers and kilometers in one day with beautiful landscape. The top is when I have my with me with who I can share those moments and with who I could speak, because don’t forget that, I’m a girl.. and everybody know that, a girl on a bike is always tchatching !! Even if a descent is coming, I will not be the girl who let you be in the first place Misters. And if really, you want to be the first, I will be the first to put you in the best position : a good descender knows  always how to find the best trajectory without crash !



My most proud is arrived one year ago, the 4th January 2017, named Coline. With her and the help of her dad, my family and my coach, I realized 7 month after my most beautiful dream “ Finishing IRON Bike, a challenge of 650 km, +24000m in 8 days. I told you, I’m a little bit crazy.

Today, I’m looking for news challenges, if you have some , I’m open. Until this time, I’m enjoying my family life which fills me of happiness. I’m trying to share my experience as “mom riding” because the maternity isn’t a excuse for not doing sport or the end of sporting carrer : family spirit, competition spirit, test spirit, discovering materials.

I wish represent the Vélo Vert Festival to allow a maximum of people to discover this event where every single people can find happiness : family spirit, competition spirit, test spirit, discovering of material.

This event embodies for me what I’m looking in the practice of MTB: Competition with a bit of craziness and overcome by a mountain of sharing.